Meet the Staff of Gentry Motor Company

Ben F. Gentry - Founder


Ben was a true "car guy". He was respected throughout the Macomb community as well as by his peers in the automobile business across the Midwest. He opened Gentry Motor Company in September of 1989. Prior to his passing in 2002. His basic philosophy was to treat people the way you want to be treated. This philosophy has served as a guide in our pursuit of success.

John Gentry - Owner/General Manager

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I really love the car business, more for the poeple than the cars. My wife Renee and I have 3 great boys who I enjoy spending quality time with, coaching, and overall teaching them how to grow to be men. I am truly a lucky guy and am thankful for the opportunities I have been given. The best thing about all of the people I work with is the closeness we have developed over the years and the comfort I have in knowing they are always there for me. Find me on Facebook! Thanks for stopping by our site!

J.R. Ringenberger - Comptroller

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This is me and my daughter Jordan mugging for the camera. My wife Michelle and I are trying to get used to the quiet household, but with 2 dogs and a herd of cats it still is not always quiet! I am originally from Indianapolis Indiana and for a time lived in Houston Texas. All of my adult life has been in retail sales, first in fine Jewelry and now automobile. I started working with John and his Dad, Ben, in October of 1995 as a Sales Counselor. In February of 2000 I moved into handling the financial arrangements for the customers. That move fit me like a glove, I am a detail oriented person and I enjoy helping our customers get the car they want at a price that works for them. Today I am John's right hand man. I am involved in every aspect of the dealership from finding inventory, meeting customers, and working with the banks and lending institutions to get the job done. One of the main reasons I have stayed with John over 25 years is because of his understanding of where Family ranks on my priority list. He has always tried to accommodate my needs big or small. Gentry Motor Company, to me, truly is a Family business.

Rich Mueller - Sales Counselor

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This picture was taken at a friends wedding reception. I am originally from Bluffs, Illinois, a small town west of Jacksonville. I was managing a local grocery store when I met John playing on our softball team. In 1998 John helped me get a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I needed for my soon to be family of 3. He and I talked about selling cars, and finally he convinced me to join him and his dad in 1999. I am probably best described as a people person who enjoys making friends. This business allows me to do that, and at the same time help people get what they want and need. I enjoy hunting and I am a huge Cowboys and Cardinals fan plus love anything to do with racing. My wife Kim and I have a son Brendan, now age 20, we have enjoyed the family style atmosphere of Gentry Motor Company. One of the main reasons I have continued to work with John is because of his understanding that life is more than just your job.

Logan Wallarab - Sales Counselor


I am Logan Wallarab; I grew up in a small town outside of the Quad Cities. I had been selling cars for a short time when I moved to Macomb with my fiancé, so she could attend Western Illinois University. I started working at Gentry Motor Company recently and I've enjoyed the small town business life. Before I started working in the car business, I was working in a freezer by myself. My favorite part of this job is being able to socialize and meet so many new people. Either that or not being stuck in the freezer, by myself. I also love learning new things and discovering new technology, which is something that is always advancing in the car business. While I am not learning about all of the new "bells & whistles", I like to spend time with my family.

Ben I. Gentry - Sales Intern


Melanie Brierton - Office Assistant


Lives in Macomb

 "Macomie Homie"
Attending WIU to be an Elementary School Art Teacher.
Enjoys Pinterest, gardening and traveling.

Katie Musick - Customer Service

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After a long frinedship with John Katie decided to join him this past year. Katie has over 20 years of sales/customer relations experience, but if you ask her what she really loves to do her answer would be SING! Katie is an accomplished opera singer and even instructs students in her spare time. She is the mother of 2 awesome kids Keeley and Joe. Her husband of 24 years Mike is the productions manager for the WIU Bureau of Cultural Affairs (BCA). In case your looking for someone that is fun to work with and has enough energy to power Chicago Katie is your choice!

Kyle Thompson - Mechanic


JT Toland - Mechanic


Grew up in Macomb and has been in the automotive industry for over 13 years. Specializing in oil changes, tires and brakes. Likes spending time with his 5 Grandkids. Enjoys guns, models and collecting toy soldiers.

Brandy McCormick - Detailer

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Brandy is on of our newest Gentry Motor Company family members.  When not detailing vehicles Brandy likes to enjoy time with her 4 Daughters and Granddaughter.   

Dayquan Parker - Detailer

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Dayquan a father of 4 and a member of the Illinois National Guard brings the training for details he learned in the military in to professionally detailing your ride.  

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